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Analysis of share register

Ordinary shares: As at 3 April 2010, there were 217,541 holders of ordinary shares whose shareholdings are analysed below.

of holdings
Percentage of
total shareholders
Number of
ordinary shares
Percentage of
ordinary shares
1 – 500108,73549.9821,582,4121.36
501 – 1,00043,81720.1432,780,5542.07
1,001 – 2,00033,45815.3847,897,6973.03
2,001 – 5,00022,46810.3368,859,1244.35
5,001 – 10,0005,7092.6239,645,4802.51
10,001 – 100,0002,7141.2562,120,2413.93
100,001 – 1,000,0004520.21152,384,8569.63
1,000,001 – HIGHEST1880.091,157,046,21773.12

Many private investors hold their shares through nominee companies, therefore the percentage of private holders is much higher than that shown – we estimate approximately 30%.

of holdings
Percentage of
total shareholders
Number of
ordinary shares
Percentage of
ordinary shares
Institutional and Corporate holders9,0444.161,286,685,61081.32

Managing your shares

The Company’s register of shareholders is maintained by our Registrar, Equiniti. Shareholders with queries relating to their shareholding should contact Equiniti directly using the details below.

Duplicate documents

Around 10,000 shareholders still receive duplicate documentation and split dividend payments from having more than one account on the share register. If you think you fall into this group and would like to combine your accounts, please contact Equiniti.


Paid in January and July each year. We encourage shareholders to have dividends paid directly into their bank account to ensure efficient payment and cleared funds on the payment date. Those selecting this payment method receive an annual consolidated tax voucher in January, showing both payments in the respective tax year. However, we are able to send a tax voucher with each payment, if preferred.

To change how you receive your dividends either log on to or contact Equiniti.

Corporate website

Whether you are looking for information on our Heritage, our Social, Environmental and Ethical responsibilities, our approach to Governance or the latest Press releases, our Corporate website provides a wealth of information for shareholders.

Furthermore, much of the information requested from our shareholder helpline can be found in the investor section of our website. Shareholders can also sign up for News Alerts to receive an email when news on M&S is released. These include additional financial news releases throughout the year, which are not mailed to shareholders.

The directors are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the financial information on our website. The information has been prepared under the relevant accounting standards and legislation.

Shareholder security

It sounds obvious, but if a stranger rings you out of the blue and tries to sell you shares take great care. They may be part of a financial scam. Shareholders are advised to be very wary of any unsolicited advice, offers to buy shares at a discount, or offers of free reports about the Company. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Go to to find out more.


Do you have a small shareholding which is uneconomical to sell? You may want to consider donating it to ShareGift (Registered charity no. 1052686) Find out more at or call +44 (0)20 930 3737.

Missing shareholders

Working with Prosearch, (an asset reunification company), we continue to look for shareholders who have failed to keep their details up to date. We have funds waiting to be claimed and we are committed to doing what we can to pay these funds to their rightful owner. Shareholders are reminded that if they move house they must contact Equiniti and advise them of their new address.

Capital Gains Tax

For the purpose of Capital Gains Tax, the price of an ordinary share on 31 March 1982 was 153.5p, which when adjusted for the 1 for 1 scrip issue in 1984, gives a figure of 76.75p. Following the capital reorganisation in March 2002, HMRC has confirmed the base cost for CGT purposes was 372.35p (81.43%) for an ordinary share and 68.75p (18.75%) for a B share.

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

The Company has a level 1 ADR program. This enables US investors to purchase Marks & Spencer American Depository Shares (ADS) in US dollars ‘over the counter’. The Company has chosen to have the ADRs quoted on the OTC market’s highest tier, International PremierQX.

For information on OTCQX go to
For Deutsche Bank email:
ADR website:
Toll free callers within the US: 1 866 249 2593
For those calling outside the US: +1 (718) 921 8137

Electronic Shareholder Communication

In 2007 M&S mailed 20,000 full Annual Reports (102 page document) and 240,000 Annual Reviews (45 page document) to shareholders. Since then, legislation has helped us reduce this distribution to 5,000 copies of our Annual Report and 40,000 copies of our Annual Review. A huge saving, both environmentally and financially, but we need our shareholders to help us reduce these numbers further.

The change in legislation provided greater flexibility and efficiencies when communicating with shareholders, allowing companies to use their website as the primary method of communicating messages. We call this ‘Electronic Shareholder Communication’ and it allows global distribution of messages in an instant.

Shareholders that register for this are more informed, receiving emails notifying them when our results are released. Paper versions of these results are not mailed to shareholders unless they have specifically requested them, even then its only our year end results which we mail.

Communicating with shareholders electronically provides clear savings. Therefore, as a thank you to those that register, we will give a voucher for 10% off when shopping online at

Registering for electronic communication is very straight forward, and is done via Shareview. Shareview is an internet based platform provided by Equiniti, our Registrar, that allows you to manage your shares online.

Go to to find out more and read the terms and conditions.

Key dates for your diary

2 June 2010Ex-dividend date – Final dividend
4 June 2010Record date to be eligible for the final dividend
7 July 2010Results – Quarter 1 Interim Management Statement†
14 July 2010Annual General Meeting
16 July 2010Final dividend payment date for the year to 3 April 2010
6 October 2010Results – Quarter 2 Trading update†
9 November 2010Results – Half Year†
17 November 2010*Ex-dividend date – Interim dividend
19 November 2010*Record date to be eligible for the interim dividend
14 January 2011*Interim dividend payment date
  • * Provisional dates.
  • †Those registered for news alerts at will receive notification by email when this is available.

How to get in touch

  • Registered office and Head office
  • Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Road,
    London W2 1NW
    Telephone +44 (0)20 7935 4422
    Registered in England and Wales (no. 4256886)
  • Registrars
  • Equiniti Limited,
    Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing,
    West Sussex BN99 6DA
    Telephone 0845 609 0810
    and outside the UK +44 (0) 121 415 7071
  • Group Secretary and Head of Corporate Governance
  • Amanda Mellor
  • Additional documents
  • For both the Annual Report or Annual Review go to
  • Alternatively, call 0800 591 697
  • Please note, students are advised to source information from our website where possible.